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Relationship Coaching

“Does my relationship need a reset?”

If this is what you are asking yourself  or are unsure, consider the following that is bothering you:

OK Relationship

Things seem OK in your relationship, but you remember when it felt really juicy and exciting to be with your partner.

Distant & Unsure

You feel like your partner has become distant and you are wondering if something is upsetting them or pulling them away from you.

Instant Fights

Your relationship seems to be plagued by an increasing number of fights or conflicts

Feeling Lost

You wonder why you’ve lost that loving feeling and don’t seem to feel connected to your partner

If any of those sound like you, then I can help you shift your relationship to one that is full of the kind of deep love, connection, and intimacy you crave!  

“I know this journey all too well. I’ve been in relationships that soured; moving from beautiful to distant and even conflictual. Now, after much self work, I’ve been able to shift the patterns that caused these relationship challenges and disharmony. Best of all, I’m finally in the most beautifully intimate and loving relationship that surpasses my wildest dreams. That’s us in the photo here

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Relationship Reset Coaching can help you:

  • Become aware and transform habitual patterns and triggers
  • Shift out of negative thinking and into an empowered mindset
  • Transform conflict into positive resolution
  • Gain clarity on relationship needs and wants and learn how to get these met
  • Reignite passion and intimacy with your partner
  • Increase your ability to be authentic and express your truths
  • Learn effective and powerful communication skills 
  • Balance your need for intimacy with your need for autonomy
  • Determine if you should stay in or leave your current relationship

Relationship coaching is effective at any stage in a relationship: dating, moving in together, getting engaged, marriage, or ending a relationship. 

Check out my Relationship Reset Bootcamp, a powerful 2-week intensive that will support you in reclaiming your power and fully showing up in your relationships. 

Enneagram and Relationship

For some individuals and couples, I use a shortcut to help you become aware of your relationship patterns, triggers, and patterns block you from relationship bliss.

It’s called the Enneagram. This hugely speeds up the relationship reset coaching process. The Enneagram of Personality  is a model of human motivations and drives.  Identifying your type on the Enneagram  helps you understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do in life and in relationships. The same is true for your partner.

Thus, knowing your Enneagram type and that of your partner helps you identify and understand your core similarities and differences, enhancing compassion, communication, and connection.

Contact me to uncover your Enneagram type and how to use this information in your relationship.