Greater Relationship Intimacy Program

Is your relationship plagued by mis-understandings, constant arguing, or feelings of disconnection?  Do you sometimes feel that your relationship is like an emotional seesaw, one moment there is connection and the next moment you feel misunderstood and alienated.
The Greater Relationship Intimacy Program is designed to help you transform your current relationship into one that is filled with passion, bliss, and deeper intimacy. You desire to have a relationship where you experience ongoing deeply connected love!
This program is for individuals that are in a committed relationship that is plague by disconnection and emotional challenges.

This Program Includes:

Through the course of this group coaching program you will learn the cause for your lack of intimacy, the 5-step process to shift judgment into loving acceptance, the secrets deep love and connection with your partner, how to stop the destructive ego games you and your partner are playing, and much much more.
This program is a 9-part series, meeting three times a month for 3 months. It is recorded and all recording will be available on zoom.

Contact Margot here for more information. One on one support is also available through private sessions. Learn how Margot can support you by signing up for a free coaching session.

From Stuck to Unstoppable Program

Stop being stuck in your current career and learn how to build a Rich & Rewarding Career. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for female entrepreneurs and professionals, to suffer from one of the following:

1) They are trapped and stressed out in a job or business they have outgrown, dreading each work day.
2) They know what makes their heart sing, but don’t know how to make real money following this passion.
3) They want to live a life on purpose where they are making a difference in the world doing something that brings them true joy, but they don’t know what that “something” is.
If any of these issues sound like you, this group coaching program is for you. As a female entrepreneur, I feel your pain and have been there too. Which is why I’m bringing you this webinar that shares the principles that most female professionals and entrepreneurs ignore that keep them stuck, stressed and overwhelmed in their jobs or businesses instead of pursuing their dreams.

This Program Includes:

You will get great value and easy to follow steps that will propel you into action right away towards making your dream career or business a reality!! PLUS you have the opportunity to ask questions!

So if you are ready to get into action towards creating your dream business or career, contact Margot here to learn more and sign-up.