One on One Coaching

Is your heart yearning to make a change?  Are you afraid that you are going to waste away your life at a dead-end job you hate instead of living the life you were meant to live where you are on purpose, and sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world?

One-on-one Empowerment coaching can help you:

  • Conquer fear once and for all.
  • Become unstoppable and empowered.
  • Overcome the roadblocks and obstacles that stop you in your tracks.
  • Create and implement an action plan that works.
  • Get into action and begin to make your dream business or career a reality.
  • Discover the hidden forces that are stopping you from success.
  • Fully leverage opportunities to use your skills and natural abilities to land the business or career your heart desires.
  • Earn more money while making a significant difference in the world.


Do you feel want to make a career change but keep getting stuck?  Are you wondering how to make your dream career a reality?

One-on-one Career Coaching can help you:

  • Gain clarity on your next career path and what you truly need and value to feel fuffilled. 
  • Create a career shift plan withs specific action steps to move you forward on your career path.
  • Improve your resume and cover letters so that you get better responses from potential employees.
  • Become more effective and better at interviewing for jobs you desire.
  • Overcome any limiting beliefs that may hold you back from going for your career. 
  • Take the leap of faith you need to shift out of an old career that is no longer bringing you joy.
  • Learn how to use networking to land the career of your dreams.


Do you feel stuck in a relationship full of disconnection and lack of intimacy?  Do you wish to manifest your Soul Mate into your life?  Are you wondering if you should stay in your current relationship?

One-on-one Relationship coaching can help you:

  • Transform an unhealthy disconnected relationship into one that is full of deep connection, bliss, and intimacy.
  • Step into a new more empowering way of relating to your partner.
  • Gain clarity on your current relationship issues
  •  Figure out the relationship dynamics you are trapped in.
  •  Determine if  you should stay in or leave your current relationship
  • Untangle emotional situations with your partner that feel overwhelming.
  • Manifest a new partner into your life that fulfills your heart’s deepest desires.


One on one coaching is the ideal choice when you desire tailored support that creates immediate shifts.

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One on one coaching for partners is also available.  Please contact Margot to find out more and discover if you are a good candidate for this type of coaching.