Meet Margot

Margot is a Women’s Empowerment Coach that helps female entrepreneurs and professionals conquer fear, remove self-limiting beliefs, tap into their inner power, and get into action to build rewarding and fulfilling businesses, careers, relationships, and lives!
As a graduate from Coach U, she is an accredited professional coach that has coached hundreds of clients to overcome fear and obstacles to create careers, businesses, and relationships that they find truly fulfilling and rewarding.  She has also been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. Her extensive background is comprised of over 25 years of study and transformational work that includes a Masters in Psychology, a French MBA, a professional hypnotherapist certification, an EMDR Facilitator certification, and the Conscious Leadership Coaching Certification, Enneagram studies, Gestalt therapy, Jungian Archetypal psychology, Shamanic practices and studies, meditation, breathwork, and yoga
She is the author of the empowerment books: “Leaving the Golden Cage”, and “Soul Love Tango”.
What her clients are saying?
“I didn’t know what to expect from coaching at first, but I have really come to rely on Margot’s support.  I have learned how to overcome the obstacles that have always kept me from doing what I want to do.  Some of the obstacles where real world, but most were in my mind—the hardest to conquer.  I now feel much more confident in my abilities.  I’m comfortable going out in the world, talking with people, and marketing my talents.  After just a few months, I’ve established a business presence in which people come to me with requests, I don’t have to scrape to find work.”
– Xan Rubey, owner of doghouse studio
“Hiring Margot as my personal coach was instrumental step in getting on my path to success. I felt unfulfilled in the corporate world and out of touch with my career journey. Now, I own my own business and am able to so all of the things I am good at and enjoy. “
– Nicole St. John, Purple Sage Designs
” Coaching is ground – especially when you have Margot to lead you into you desires, passions, and goals. I found Margot to be quite professional (but not too formal), and very positive, yet gentle focus and boundaries for keeping me on track. She helped me to really get myself organized and find ways for my personality to be more organized and more successful. She has a “gift” for coaching and sees the whole picture. She holds you accountable, which for me is the biggest thing. I will continue to grow and learn, thanks to Margot. I recommend her to EVERYONE! “
– Susie Lovin, Jewelry Broker
“My humble words could never ever measure up to the impact your coaching has had on my life. I feel as if the wild dreams and visions that I have held in the far corners of my heart and mind are coming true! I would recommend Margot as a coach to everyone I know. Thanks! What a nominal price to pay for happiness, joy, fulfillment, and inner strength. “
– E. Lee, Restaurant Owner