Get Unstuck Coaching

What is *Get Unstuck* Coaching?

It’s a type of empowerment coaching focused on unearthing and transforming all of the reasons that you stay stuck in your life, be it in career, relationships, or simply in not achieving your dreams. I facilitate coaching processes that support you in seeing more clearly what is keeping you stuck, removing obstacles you might encounter, gaining clarity on your dreams and aspirations, and getting into action instead of procrastinating.

What benefits can I gain from coaching?

Coaching can help you escape the paralyzing grip of fear, overwhelm, inertia and self-sabotage, and accomplish those dreams you have had on hold until now! Some dreams my clients have accomplished with the help of coaching include:
get unstuck coaching

What is the *Get Unstuck* Coaching Process?

Step 1:  Gain Clarity on Your Dream
The biggest challenge that I run across when working with clients is a lack of clarity around their dreams.  If you do not know actually what your heart truly wants to achieve, you will never have the determination or momentum required to make it a reality.  If your vision or dream is fuzzy, so is your ability to achieve it.  Thus, I have designed exercises to help you gain crystal clear clarity on your key dream(s)!
Step 2: Create an Inspired RoadMap
You will only take steps towards your dreams if you are inspired or motivated. As your coach I will assist you in developing a plan with a clear roadmap of what steps need to happen and in what order to reach your dreams. Most importantly, the focus will be in creating inspired steps and “not just any old steps” so that you create momentum.
Step 3: Get Into Action
Now that you have your inspired Roadmap with concrete actions to take, it’s time to get in action. As their coach, I will support you in creating and implementing a weekly action commitment that creates momentum towards their goals, and hold you accountable towards making these goals a reality.
Step 4: Overcome Obstacles

As you take steps towards your goals, you will run into two sorts of obstacles impeding your progress: internal mindset challenges and external impediments. I support you in clearing and transforming inner negativity and limiting beliefs.  I use a protocol that helps release stored negative feelings and associated beliefs caused by past trauma and reprogram your mind and body with new empowering feelings and beliefs.  This allows you to become unstoppable towards reaching your goals. 

Step 5: Celebrate Your Success
Celebrating each step you take along the way, no matter how big or small is key to accomplishing your overall goals and dreams. Together, we celebrate your success and harness the learnings you have gained along the way.