The Golden Cage: From Entrapment to Empowerment

Discover how to break free of life’s cages and follow your heart’s calling.   Do you feel trapped in a relationship, career, or life path that no longer brings you joy?  Do you feel like you are sleep walking through life on auto-pilot with little excitement or passion?  Do you spend a lot of your time dreaming about doing something different with your life?   If this sounds like you, you may be living in a Golden Cage that brings you some measure of comfort and security, yet it does not fulfill your hearts desires.   “Leaving Your Cage” is a spiritual self-help book designed to help you gain the necessary courage and skills to break free of your Golden Cage and learn to lead an empowered life that is in alignment with your true heart’s longing.
Drawing on her personal real-life stories of breaking free from cages to find empowerment, the author guides you through a powerful insightful step by step approach that shows you how to:

  • Identify your Golden Cage and its purpose for being.
  • Master the five keys to unlocking your Cage
  • Create a new empowering relationship with fear, the creator of your Cage.
  • Heal and strengthen yourself after leaving your Cage.
  • Learn to hear and follow your inner guidance and truth.
  • Uncover your heart’s true passion and take steps towards making your dreams a reality.

It time to escape from your entrapment so that the world may benefit from your brilliance.  It’s time to let your beauty and your uniqueness shine brightly like a star, the star that you are.



I loved this book! So many of us find ourselves trapped in unhappy jobs or relationships without any idea of how to get out . The golden cage of security is what often imprisons us. The author does a great job of describing how our fear keep us trapped in these cages and she gives practical exercises of how we can escape and live our lives in a more empowered, joyful fashion. She gives personal examples from her own life that many of us will be able to relate to. I highly recommend this book for anyone who knows deep in their heart they need to make a change, but are afraid to do it.
– Zana
This book does an outstanding job! Just finished your book it was wonderful! What a beautiful way to lead people to their own power by sharing your very vulnerable journey. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Margot! It grabbed me and I read until well after midnight than picked it up this morning to read the remaining chapters. I will be reading it again this week to take the time and do the simple and deep practices you shared! So grateful for this resource! I have already shared it with a number of my clients!
– Jade R.
Impactful, inspiring, and deeply personal! I started reading this book and literally could not put it down! I read until I was finished, without even realizing until I was done that the next morning was about to dawn. It was rather symbolic as I felt ready for the dawning of a new focus after finishing this wonderful book! The author delivers a beautiful mix of personal stories, and amazing guidance. I typically am not drawn to philosophical books, and never even for a moment thought about how I myself may be building golden cages in multiple areas of my life! The words and guidance gave me confidence and strength to identify and take steps to follow my heart. At multiple points during the storyline, I was pulled into a deeply personal event, which helped me understand how my own golden cages and need for security has limited my heart and caused so much unneeded stress and anxiety. I have a lot of work in front of me, but the guidance and principles communicated by the author are both heartfelt and constructive. Sharing her personal stories, filled with both pain and joy give the reader confidence and reassurance that living life according to your heart truly is possible, and still rewarding. The author is inspiring and I cannot wait to see what she shares next.
– Emily B.
I loved following this story. This story starts with my worst relationship nightmare, to be so blindsided by your partner and go through that heart ache. The journey that Margot shares is important for all women because throughout you see in great detail the nuances of transformation. I really appreciate the level of detail that she shares because I find that it’s NOT easy to come to grips with our MINDS when conflict hits. So we see all the subtleties that actually take you from victim to victory. I have had the pleasure of meeting the author in person and her strength and empowered spirit is inspiring! Reading this story will give you so many great practices and tools and ways of being to support you in empowering your own life no matter what the universe throws your way.
– Macy Matarazzo