Soul Love Tango

Are you stuck in a relationship where there is constant arguing, misunderstandings, and feelings of disconnection?  Discover the secrets to creating passion, bliss, and deeply connected love in your relationships. This book will give you the necessary tools to transforming an unhealthy so-so relationship into the type of connected heart-based relationship you have always yearned for.  Specifically you will learn the 5 Relationship Myths that are destroying your intimacy, the 5-step process to shift out of judgment into love, the secrets to transforming anger into connection, how to eliminate the number one cause of relationship drama, and much much more. order


“Thanks to Margot’s Soul Love Tango e-book and Relationship coaching, we are doing better than ever–MADLY in love in a deep, magical way that we always knew we would be once we got our ego’s out of the way. We are communicating like never before and are being 360 degrees honest with ourselves and each other at all times now.” ~ AC & KL, CA